Salient Features of Windows 10

Windows 10 = Best features of Windows 7 and Windows 8 - Troublesome aspects of Windows 8

  1. Come back of Start Menu of Windows7 with switch-off/resizable tiles of Windows 8
  2. Transition from keyboard to touch
  3. Search including web results built into Start Menu
  4. Virtual Desktops i.e. multiple desktops for multi-tasking
  5. Improved Command Prompt - cut, copy, paste
  6. Cortana - personal digital assistant
  7. Hello - Face/Voice recognition for login
  8. Continuum - Seamless utilisation of devices - Start Menu changing to full screen mode when keyboard disconnected from Surface
  9. Revamped apps like Mail, Calendar, Photos etc
  10. Neat browser Edge with Curtana and note taking mode with draw on webpage capabilities
  11. Action Centre - Organised notifications from apps/settings etc
  12. Xbox Streaming with recording