Working Solution for : Beamer in Miktex 2.9 is not working.

I am a die-hard fan of LaTex and Beamer. But with the launch of MikTex 2.9, started the problems of using Beamer for making presentations.

Solutions given on the internet are not working.

So, I tried and tried until came up with following 2 solutions that really worked:

1. Install VM Player and an image of Fedora 12. Connect to Internet and issue following commands to install LaTex which by default contains beamer and related packages as well:
yum -y install texlive-latex

Command pdflatex mydoc.tex produces mydoc.pdf from your tex file. This pdf can be opened using:
evince mydoc.pdf

Now, you can use Latex and Beamer without loosing the comfort of Windows environment

2. Use Texlive: Download single compressed file of Texlive distribution containing all LaTex packages from
Downloaded file is approx. 2 GB and installation is just 5 step process - all involving simple mouse clicks
For front-end, download and install TexWorks from the same site.

Before installing TexLive, remove MikTex or any other LaTex version from your computer