Poka Yoke

Poka Yoke is a Japanese term that means to "error proof" or "foolproof" - or a method of preventing errors.

Poka Yoke was adopted by Toyota Production System and is a basis for Zero Quality Control (ZQC) i.e. preventing errors by 100 percent inspection at the source, rather than down the line.

Poka Yoke is not specific to manufacturing at all. There are many poka yokes in all of our daily lives that we take for granted or simply do not recognize as poka yokes.

The idea of error proofing is not only applicable but necessary in every sector. To prevent mistakes, delays, and unecessary costs is to improve and secure ones position for today and tomorrow.

Examples of Poka Yokes:

> One example is the small hole in almost every bathroom sink. It is a poka yoke to help prevent sink overflow.

> Another example is in our cars that have automatic transmissions. You can not remove the car key while the transmission is in an unsafe position and the wheels are unlocked. The key interlock in this case is a Safety poka yoke.

> Another example would be Memory cards for your camera, laptop, or phone. Most have a notch or tab type poka yoke that prevents the card from being installed upside down.