Interesting Questions in Computer Graphics

  1. How a Graphics Engine is different from Game Engine?
  2. Why graphics engines are preferred?
  3. What are the components of a Game Engine?
  4. Examples of Game and Graphics Engine?
  5. Compare OpenGL with DirectX.
  6. What is rendering?
  7. What are the different techniques of light transport?
  8. How ray-casting is different from ray-tracing?
  9. Which effects are provided by radiosity
  10. What is the difference between painter’s algorithm and z-buffer algorithm?
  11. Compare vector and raster graphics.
  12. How CRT, LCD, TFT, and Plasma differ?
  13. Give latest specifications of a graphics card.
  14. Difference between NTSC and PAL standard.
  15. What is visualization and How it is different from graphics?
  16. Different types of visualizations – data, information, knowledge.
  17. How visualization is different from volume rendering?
  18. What is photo-realistic and non-photorealistic rendering?
  19. What is real time rendering?
  20. How animated movies are created?
  21. How animation is different from visualization?
  22. How VR differs from AR and MR?
  23. Concept of resolution and associated terms.
  24. What are the different color models along with adv and disadvantages of each.
  25. How graphics workstations are different from normal workstations.
  26. What are gaming consoles; give examples?