What exactly is a Content Management System?

Going by the name, a Content Management System (CMS) is a system that manages content where:

  • Content - Any digital information (text, images, videos, sounds, documents) that can be stored and managed in electronic format.
  • Management - Rules, process, flows that helps in managing the content.
  • System - Tool (s) that provides effective and efficient production of output from the managed content.
Most often, CMS is confused with some application that manages web pages. An application that manages web pages is a web CMS. However, document management systems, asset management systems are also CMS.

There are many open source web CMS available - Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, and many others.

Joomla is quite easy to use in AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) environments. Simply unzip the downloaded Joomla zip folder into htdocs directory under Apache installation. You will be prompted for some configurations which are quite intuitive. After installtion completes, remove the installation directory from the Joomla folder and a control panel is available for managing your web resources. You can customize frontpage, menus, article content, and there are built-in modules like login and registration ones. You can add your own modules as well. Its simplicity and usefulness can only be judged by using it. So, why not downloaded Joomla from here and get-set-go...