Which Mobile Computer Is For Me?

The question is not which laptop is for me but which mobile computer is for me. This is because laptop is a kind of mobile computer, just as notebooks, deskbook, and tablet PCs are. Let us start with distinction between these kinds of mobile computers.


  • Bigger than notebooks
  • Has built-in disk drives
  • Screen is atleast 15 inch wide
  • Generate so much heat that you cannot use them on your lap
  • Weight: 6-8 pounds


  • Popularly known as 'Ultra-Portables'
  • Since the drive is not built into the unit, notebooks are smaller and lighter than laptops.
  • Usually, of the size of a binder notebook
  • Weight: Under 4 pounds


  • True replacement of desktops
  • Larger and heavier than laptops/notebooks
  • Power comes as they use same processors as desktops but power comes at the cost of battery draining quickly
  • Weight: Over 8 pounds

Tablet PC:

  • Mobility, size, and weight similar to laptops/notebooks
  • They are mobile computers with a twist - Tablet display screens can swivel 360 degree on its base
  • Can be turned into a slate on which you can write using a stylus and a software will automatically convert your handwriting into text.
  • Weight: 2-4 pounds

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying A Mobile Computer

  • Portability
  • Size
  • Looks
  • Performance
  • Battery Life
  • Screen Size
  • Keyboard Space
  • Optical drives (CD/DVD etc)
  • High End Graphics
  • Port Selection
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Price

Some Decision Aids In Choosing Which Mobile Computer Is For You

  • If you are frequent traveler and want a mobile computer for giving demos/presentations then definitely notebooks are best as they are light and compact compared to laptops.
  • If you are a student (with dad’s good bank account) and in a college that allows mobile computers inside class then tablet PCs may the best for taking notes using stylus.
  • However, if you are looking for desktop replacement then go for laptops. Also, consider following aspects:
    • Screen size should be at least 15 inch
    • Drives should be built-in
    • Ports should be located at convenient location
    • Should support wireless connectivity
    • If you are an avid gamer then have a high end graphics card inside your lappy.
    • Go for latest processors, maximum RAM and hard disk storage

Apple Vs Dell Vs Sony Vs …Vs…….

· I feel Apple laptops are luxury possessions. Usually, they are four times costlier than their counter-parts. Since they run Mac OS then third-party application support may not be as good as those running Windows OS.

· Dell seems to be a good options considering performance and affordability. But they have showrooms and service centers only at few places. You can send your configuration requirement online and Dell will deliver your laptop by post. Since there are very few showrooms and service centers (if any) then after sales support may be questionable.

I liked following configuration:

DELL INSPIRON 1525 LAPTOP (E-value code: R540604)

· Intel Core2 Duo Processor

· 3GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM

· 250GB SADA Hard Disk 5400 rpm

· 15.4” WXGA TFT Display

· Cost: Rs. 39,900/= (excluding taxes and other charges) – Great Deal !!!

To Buy, Call or Go Online:
  • 1800 425 4002 (Toll Free MTNL/BSNL Users, Mon-Sat:9a,-6pm)
  • 080-2510 8001

In the end, do remember. Compactness and lightness comes at the cost of performance. Also, smaller size may also make the system difficult to use because of small keyboard and screen etc.

Disclaimer: Above are my personal views based on open literature and reviews from the users.